Easter in the Bakery

In the months between Thanksgiving and Mother’s Day, life in the pastry kitchen is dictated, for the most part, by holidays. I’m sure you have noticed it in the retail stores: the Halloween decorations are hurriedly taken down on November 1st, only to be replaced by Christmas merchandise which are in turn taken over by chocolates and hearts for Valentine’s Day. 

Easter is one of my favorite holidays – not only because of its significance in Christianity, but also because it is a great time to get creative in the bakery.  I still owe you pictures from Christmas and Valentine’s Day, as the last 3 months have been an absolute blur. But, having just celebrated Easter, and having a bit of downtime this weekend, I am posting some of the Easter items we came up with this year.  

I have never been able to figure out the connection between Easter (a Christian holiday) and Chicks and Eggs, but these just-hatched chicks were a blast to make, and our customers couldn’t resist them! 

Just Hatched!

Miniature cream puff chicks


A few years ago, I came up with an idea to make nests out of chocolate macaroons and they have been a staple Easter item ever since. They’re irresistible: the nests are made with premium dark chocolate – gooey, rich and coconut-y, then topped with 3 Cadbury mini-eggs. 

Nests and Chickens

Chocolate macaroon nests and Chick sugar cookies


Ok, I admit it: I like to “bait” customers with items so cute that they go “Aawww!” and their kids may throw a tantrum if they don’t buy them. These miniature cupcakes in Easter colours are made with a super-moist chocolate buttermilk base then topped with a creamy buttercream icing. They sold like hotcakes.

Miniature Easter cupcakes

Miniature Easter cupcakes


Strictly for the adults, we developed this Ultimate Banana Loaf as a Hostess Gift to take to Easter dinner. Soaked in a rich coconut-rum caramel sauce and loaded with caramelized bananas, pecans and toasted coconut, it is comfort food that takes you to the Caribbean in an instant. Perhaps I’ll share the recipe here one of these days, because it is just that good and there’s no reason why it should only be enjoyed at Easter.

Caramel Rum-soaked Pecan Coconut Banana Loaf

Caramel Rum-soaked Pecan Coconut Banana Loaf


~ by Liza on April 13, 2009.

2 Responses to “Easter in the Bakery”

  1. Now why didn’t we use that description on the cake…..caramel rum soaked…..mmmmm. and did you say share the recipe????

    Not only did it all look fabulous, it all tasted fabulous! Well done Liza.

  2. you are a genius. seriously. I laughed out loud when I saw those little chicks up close! hahaha! they actually look really cute and therefore I imagine them to be alive. I’d still eat them though…

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